Monday, January 20, 2014

Company : Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd

Location : Bengaluru / Bangalore

Experience : 0 - 2 yrs.

Job Description


You should possess a Bachelor of Engineering degree or a Master of Science degree, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering with experience in system software design and/or development on Linux/Android. Candidates w/ driver/lower middleware sw development under Windows are encouraged to apply. Below are specifics on qualifications

- Demonstrated solid expertise in c/c++

- Expertise in IO driver/middleware is required

- Linux development of architectures, experience w/ Linux platform debug experience

- Experience of modifying the Linux kernel, proficient programming skills in the C programming language

- Demonstrated experience with open source drivers.

- Solid mature communication and writing skills

- Be able to independently translate data/arch/design spec to high quality and performance code

- Windows driver development experience a plus

- SOC development/integration experience a strong plus

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Location: Bangalore


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